Internet Marketing

The Internet is where your customers are. It’s wher e they are looking for you! Whether your customers are global or local, even if you are not planning to sell online, a website is essential for your business.
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Internet Marketing

Unique features of WebSpotLight’s Internet Marketing

Relationship Management

Use newsletters and mailers to keep close contact w ith your loyal customer base and get them up-to-date on new developments and offers.

Expand your market. Generate new leads.

Tap users who could be interested in your business. With Search Marketing, you can get interested prospective customers who are lookin g for products & services similar to what you offer. Since they have already expresse d an interest, they are more likely to buy!

Less expensive. More ROI. Immediate results.

Promote your website and your business online with banners, text links and more. Consumers simply click to learn more about a produc t, register for information, or even buy it right there on the spot.

Everyone’s on the Internet

12 croreIndians are online* and the number is just growing day by day. Most online Indians use the internet for email and also for sea rching information. Chances are that they are searching for a service similar to what yo u offer!

Easy accessibility for your existing clientele.

Your existing and prospective clients can now log o n to your website and browse through the services that you offer, whenever they want to. It’s like having a brochure online which is much cheaper and easily editable. B y providing more details on your website, your clients can now have a better underst anding of your business, the products, locations, etc. and if interested, they c an contact you through the website itself.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing the website to reach the first page

Websites by being on top of search engine for relevant keywords attract targeted traffic.

Social Media Optimization

New Dimension to Internet Marketing

Network and build brand. Make the power of social network benefit your business.